Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The 80's are back, and you better start lovin' it!

So, a couple years ago, my friend Andrea (hey girrrl, was' up? You goin' out to the club tonight? Okay, text me!) and I were in the garment district in LA and we were totally horrified by the proliferation of neon-colored clothing. Because if it's in The Alley, it's gonna be on the ass of every trend-following shithead in the country in 6 mos to 3 years, depending on where that aforementioned shithead lives. ANY-way, we were seeing all this neon, pointy-toed, fishnet, flashdance-y crap, and Andrea, who is completely hilarious, starts singing "the 80's are back, and you'd better start lovin' it." And she was joking, but, yeah, they ARE back (and yeah, I know, for some time, now) and I've been over it since before it came back. You see, I had these shoes in the 80's, or at least a similar version. Look, down there, it's me, in 1988, wearing them, in a lovely white version, trying desperately to look like I was in the Ronettes or something: Look at that backcombed hair, the white leather jacket. And I thought I was cool. But, y'see, kids, the 80's were a bad, bad thing. And even though Andrea (that's her, sitting down, by the way. The other Mean Mod Girl in the picture is Corrine) says I'd better start lovin' it, I just can't. Even though I was embracing the 60's in the 80's, the 60's were at least kinda cool. The 80's were shit - do I need to start singing "Maneater" for you? And if people are embracing the 80's now, what's next? The motherfuckin' 90's? If some ironically iconic hipster designer turns out one of those solid patchwork jackets - one sleeve, black, one red, one lapel brown...you know - with a pair of stirrup pants, it's ALL OVER. Ima putta cap insomeonesass. Prolly minesezezezezzzz.

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