Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Dick Loafer

One of my favorite shoes to hate: The Dick Loafer. I have to say, without question, anyone I have ever encountered in a pair of shoes like this is a total dick - hence the name. Upper management guys on casual Fridays sometimes bust these out, and there is an even slightly more casual version in two-tone brown and black that you see on Saturday, worn with a printed polo shirt, tucked into peated khaki shorts, with a matching braided belt. Hideous. There is another version of this shoe that is a bit abbreviated in the toe, that makes the guy wearing them look even shorter and fatter than he actually is. And even though they are usually as expensive as hell, the woven leather is squeaky (a sign of a crap shoe, most certainly), so you can hear them coming. Which may be a good thing, so you can run away before That Guy From Accounting bludgeons you with some utterly unfunny comment about it being hump day.

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