Friday, March 30, 2007

Hey now, WHOOO! lookit that, did it nearly run you down?

Okay, again, on today's shoe shopping extravaganza, I saw these and nearly had a coronary in Nordstrom. This 80's shit has GOT TO STOP. I mean, like, Simon and Nicky were, like, so hot, and they still are, considering all the coke they probably used to do, but shit, please MAKE IT STOP. MAKE THE 80's STOP. It's not making me feel alive alive alive, either. Just old. and mad.

And speaking of how the shiny shiny bad times need to get the fuck behind me,* yesterday, I saw a girl wearing these shiny shiny leggings from American Apparel. In a copper color. And no, her ass DID NOT look this good, either, not that having a good ass would forgive this hideosity as acceptable on ANY level;
And it wasn't like the chick was overweight, it was just the whole fashion victimology of it all that annoyed me. People need to learn (again, as they obviously didn't learn from gym clothes in the 80's) that shiny does not hide your flaws - it merely draws the eye toward them, like how squirrels are with foil. Coating your cellulite or whatever in a tight, glistening, spandex wrapper FORCES people to look.

The chick in this picture is a model, and yes, she's got a great ass, and yes, the pants look good on her ONLY because she's got a great ass. But not everyone's ass looks this good, and, so, I'm gonna have to keep saying it: Just because you can BUY spandex doesn't mean you should WEAR it.

*Yeah, that IS a Hayzee Fantayzee reference. See, I went through the 80's already, and I don't want to do it again.

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